Don Varden – IBEX – The Benefits of Investing in Bullion

Don Varden, the Managing Director of The International Bullion Exchange (IBEX), argues that anyone interested in securing their financial future should invest in precious metal bullion. By providing a means through which clients can purchase, secure and transact business, Varden and the team at IBEX are now making the acquisition of precious metal bullion a reality for all those interested.

The benefits of investing in gold, sliver, platinum and other precious metal bullion are seemingly endless. It can be easily financed, especially through IBEX’s own Orion Program. For as little as $5,000 down, clients can receive upwards of $20,000 worth of bullion. This unlimited financing power is not available to those investing in Gold Stocks or precious metal mutual funds. Additionally, bullion can be safety stored in registered vaults, delivered to anywhere in the world and can be used as an actual form of currency should an emergency situation arise.

But really, the true benefit of bullion is that it is one of the safest and most proven commodities in the world. While the dollar continues to lose value, the price of gold continues to steadily climb. Why just in the past five years it has increased by a staggering 123%. 

According to Don Varden, who is also a member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, bullion should be a part of everyone’s portfolio. And through the IBEX transacting business has never been easier. Simply call up a Precious Metals Specialist, tell them exactly what you need, and they’ll take care of the rest. Within minutes, you will receive a confirmation of your request. It’s really that simple.

In addition, clients are entitled to an 11-hour trading day, can discuss the market conditions with a certified IBEX representative and liquidate a portion or their entire investment at any time.

Don Varden and IBEX offer a measure of flexibility not offered by most other bullion providers. Experts in their craft, and well equipped to answer any question, the IBEX is the premier establishment for all of your precious metal bullion needs.


Don Varden – Treatment Programs Offered at Serenity Malibu and Seasons in Malibu

CEO Don Varden sought to differentiate his two establishments, Serenity Malibu and Seasons of Malibu, from the average drug and alcohol recovery centers by providing alternative treatment plans designed to maximize the success rates of their clients. And to that effect he has succeeded. Both establishments tout very low relapse rates. But exactly how do they manage to be so successful?

All treatment plans start with a medical and mental assessment of the individual. By taking these initial steps, the staff members are able to concoct a customized course of aid tailored to the individual. Once the harmful substances are purged from the suffering victim, an intensive course of therapy begins. The client is set up with a counselor who meets with him or her in a one-on-one setting. Realizing that acknowledgement is the first step towards recovery, the counselor works tirelessly to discover the root of the client’s addiction. 

Most drug rehab centers cut the patient off from the outside world, but Don Varden believes that individuals going through difficult times need all the support they can get. That’s why his organizations encourage family members and loved ones to participate in the therapy sessions, and to work alongside the counselors in an attempt to break through to the client.

Clients also learn valuable techniques that they can take with them once their course of treatment is complete. They are taught how to relax their body and mind, and what to tell themselves should they feel compelled to start using again. The organizations also set up the client with an extensive aftercare program designed to keep them on the right track.

Thanks to Don Varden and his world class addition treatment centers, substance abusers from around the country are able to live sober and productive lives. And because the centers are so affordable, clients are not afflicted with crippling debt once they leave.

There is nothing like starting one’s life anew. Drug and alcohol sufferers are encouraged to contact Seasons in Malibu or Serenity Malibu today.


Don Varden – Affordability in Mind

Businessman Don Varden has made a career out of providing quality services for those with budgetary restraints. Adhering to the belief that no individual should be denied treatment because they cannot afford it, Don became the CEO of two prestigious addiction treatment centers in Malibu, California. Both Seasons in Malibu LLC and Serenity Malibu LLC cater to the financial restrictions of the average individual. Additionally, his other business venture, the International Bullion Exchange, is designed to provide affordable financing options to those interested in securing their futures.

There are several reasons why some addicts never break the seemingly endless addiction cycle, but perhaps the most common one is that they simply cannot afford proper care. High end facilities tout very strong success rates but are so outrageously priced that hardly anyone can come up with the money for even a short stay. More affordable facilities often offer lackluster care, with many former patients falling victim to relapse only a short time after graduating from the program. Don offers his clients the best of both worlds – reasonably priced care that rivals the quality of the most highly regarded treatment centers. By taking a unique, more personalized approach to recovery, Seasons in Malibu and Serenity Malibu have managed to thrive without charging their clients an unreasonable rate. 

Although Don’s other business venture is focused on bullion, its goal is the same: to promote the betterment of peoples’ lives. For this reason, the IBE offers its clients financing options that only require they place a 20% deposit on their precious metals purchase. By offering clients 5 to 1 leverage on their investment, Varden, who acts as the Managing Director of IBE, helps those seeking to make solid long-term investments do so at a fraction of what they would normally pay. In addition, the IBE offers a myriad of services including storage, delivery, sales of precious metals. And because it values each and every one of its clients, the IBE offers personalized customer services to its many clients.

Don Varden - a successful businessman that always factors in the budget and needs of the average person. 


Don Varden – Serenity Malibu

Don Varden has accomplished much in his career. An astute and determined businessman and innovator, he plays a prominent role in three well-established and reputable companies. Always placing the needs of his clients first, Don Varden acts as the CEO of Serenity Malibu – a substance abuse treatment center like no other.

Most clients in need of assistance cannot get the help they need due to the high entry costs demanded by quality treatment facilities. Other more affordable alternatives offer less than top notch care. But thanks to Varden, Serenity Malibu is able to provide personalized, professional care that won’t indebt its clients.

Serenity’s unique approach to rehabilitation has revolutionized the industry. Whereas most facilities focus only on curing a patient’s body, Serenity seeks to heal the body, mind and soul of its numerous clients. They offer more one-on-one treatment than most top rankings institutions. It is this customized care that allows patients to feel safe and comfortable within their own skin.

In addition, Serenity provides holistic therapy such as acupuncture and massage. Serving to heal the patient on multiple levels, these pioneering techniques have proven extremely effective, preparing clients to live their lives without relying on harmful substances.

Varden ensures that when a patient’s time at Serenity Malibu ends, their treatment does not. A staff member will follow up and plan aftercare sessions for the newly substance free individual, and will be sure to reinforce the lessons that were learned during his or her time there. Alumni will also be given the opportunity to serve as mentors to new patients. After all, who better to assist someone suffering from an addiction problem than someone who knows exactly how it feels.

Not only is Serenity Malibu affordable, but individuals that happen to relapse are permitted to reenter the program free of charge. It also works with all types of health insurance. Don Varden recognizes those who recognize they have a problem, and as CEO of Serenity Malibu, is there to help them receive the help they not only need, but deserve.


Don Varden

Don Varden is a Member - ICTA, Industry Council for Tangible Assets. Donald is currently the CEO of Seasons Recovery Centers LLC which is a world class addiction & Alcoholism treatment center in Malibu, California which is a licensed residential in patient and rehab facility in Los Angeles county CA. He is also the owner of Serenity Malibu which is a lower cost alternative for patients who need to treat their addictions in a quitter setting. 

You can read more about treatment facilities and their immense benefit at: http://www.recoveryview.com/2011/04/michele-garcia-%E2%80%93-serenity-malibu/