Don Varden – Serenity Malibu

Don Varden has accomplished much in his career. An astute and determined businessman and innovator, he plays a prominent role in three well-established and reputable companies. Always placing the needs of his clients first, Don Varden acts as the CEO of Serenity Malibu – a substance abuse treatment center like no other.

Most clients in need of assistance cannot get the help they need due to the high entry costs demanded by quality treatment facilities. Other more affordable alternatives offer less than top notch care. But thanks to Varden, Serenity Malibu is able to provide personalized, professional care that won’t indebt its clients.

Serenity’s unique approach to rehabilitation has revolutionized the industry. Whereas most facilities focus only on curing a patient’s body, Serenity seeks to heal the body, mind and soul of its numerous clients. They offer more one-on-one treatment than most top rankings institutions. It is this customized care that allows patients to feel safe and comfortable within their own skin.

In addition, Serenity provides holistic therapy such as acupuncture and massage. Serving to heal the patient on multiple levels, these pioneering techniques have proven extremely effective, preparing clients to live their lives without relying on harmful substances.

Varden ensures that when a patient’s time at Serenity Malibu ends, their treatment does not. A staff member will follow up and plan aftercare sessions for the newly substance free individual, and will be sure to reinforce the lessons that were learned during his or her time there. Alumni will also be given the opportunity to serve as mentors to new patients. After all, who better to assist someone suffering from an addiction problem than someone who knows exactly how it feels.

Not only is Serenity Malibu affordable, but individuals that happen to relapse are permitted to reenter the program free of charge. It also works with all types of health insurance. Don Varden recognizes those who recognize they have a problem, and as CEO of Serenity Malibu, is there to help them receive the help they not only need, but deserve.