Don Varden – Affordability in Mind

Businessman Don Varden has made a career out of providing quality services for those with budgetary restraints. Adhering to the belief that no individual should be denied treatment because they cannot afford it, Don became the CEO of two prestigious addiction treatment centers in Malibu, California. Both Seasons in Malibu LLC and Serenity Malibu LLC cater to the financial restrictions of the average individual. Additionally, his other business venture, the International Bullion Exchange, is designed to provide affordable financing options to those interested in securing their futures.

There are several reasons why some addicts never break the seemingly endless addiction cycle, but perhaps the most common one is that they simply cannot afford proper care. High end facilities tout very strong success rates but are so outrageously priced that hardly anyone can come up with the money for even a short stay. More affordable facilities often offer lackluster care, with many former patients falling victim to relapse only a short time after graduating from the program. Don offers his clients the best of both worlds – reasonably priced care that rivals the quality of the most highly regarded treatment centers. By taking a unique, more personalized approach to recovery, Seasons in Malibu and Serenity Malibu have managed to thrive without charging their clients an unreasonable rate. 

Although Don’s other business venture is focused on bullion, its goal is the same: to promote the betterment of peoples’ lives. For this reason, the IBE offers its clients financing options that only require they place a 20% deposit on their precious metals purchase. By offering clients 5 to 1 leverage on their investment, Varden, who acts as the Managing Director of IBE, helps those seeking to make solid long-term investments do so at a fraction of what they would normally pay. In addition, the IBE offers a myriad of services including storage, delivery, sales of precious metals. And because it values each and every one of its clients, the IBE offers personalized customer services to its many clients.

Don Varden - a successful businessman that always factors in the budget and needs of the average person.