Don Varden – Treatment Programs Offered at Serenity Malibu and Seasons in Malibu

CEO Don Varden sought to differentiate his two establishments, Serenity Malibu and Seasons of Malibu, from the average drug and alcohol recovery centers by providing alternative treatment plans designed to maximize the success rates of their clients. And to that effect he has succeeded. Both establishments tout very low relapse rates. But exactly how do they manage to be so successful?

All treatment plans start with a medical and mental assessment of the individual. By taking these initial steps, the staff members are able to concoct a customized course of aid tailored to the individual. Once the harmful substances are purged from the suffering victim, an intensive course of therapy begins. The client is set up with a counselor who meets with him or her in a one-on-one setting. Realizing that acknowledgement is the first step towards recovery, the counselor works tirelessly to discover the root of the client’s addiction. 

Most drug rehab centers cut the patient off from the outside world, but Don Varden believes that individuals going through difficult times need all the support they can get. That’s why his organizations encourage family members and loved ones to participate in the therapy sessions, and to work alongside the counselors in an attempt to break through to the client.

Clients also learn valuable techniques that they can take with them once their course of treatment is complete. They are taught how to relax their body and mind, and what to tell themselves should they feel compelled to start using again. The organizations also set up the client with an extensive aftercare program designed to keep them on the right track.

Thanks to Don Varden and his world class addition treatment centers, substance abusers from around the country are able to live sober and productive lives. And because the centers are so affordable, clients are not afflicted with crippling debt once they leave.

There is nothing like starting one’s life anew. Drug and alcohol sufferers are encouraged to contact Seasons in Malibu or Serenity Malibu today.