Don Varden – IBEX – The Benefits of Investing in Bullion

Don Varden, the Managing Director of The International Bullion Exchange (IBEX), argues that anyone interested in securing their financial future should invest in precious metal bullion. By providing a means through which clients can purchase, secure and transact business, Varden and the team at IBEX are now making the acquisition of precious metal bullion a reality for all those interested.

The benefits of investing in gold, sliver, platinum and other precious metal bullion are seemingly endless. It can be easily financed, especially through IBEX’s own Orion Program. For as little as $5,000 down, clients can receive upwards of $20,000 worth of bullion. This unlimited financing power is not available to those investing in Gold Stocks or precious metal mutual funds. Additionally, bullion can be safety stored in registered vaults, delivered to anywhere in the world and can be used as an actual form of currency should an emergency situation arise.

But really, the true benefit of bullion is that it is one of the safest and most proven commodities in the world. While the dollar continues to lose value, the price of gold continues to steadily climb. Why just in the past five years it has increased by a staggering 123%. 

According to Don Varden, who is also a member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, bullion should be a part of everyone’s portfolio. And through the IBEX transacting business has never been easier. Simply call up a Precious Metals Specialist, tell them exactly what you need, and they’ll take care of the rest. Within minutes, you will receive a confirmation of your request. It’s really that simple.

In addition, clients are entitled to an 11-hour trading day, can discuss the market conditions with a certified IBEX representative and liquidate a portion or their entire investment at any time.

Don Varden and IBEX offer a measure of flexibility not offered by most other bullion providers. Experts in their craft, and well equipped to answer any question, the IBEX is the premier establishment for all of your precious metal bullion needs.