Don Varden – Biography

Esteemed businessman Don Varden has a vested interest in several companies. The first, Serenity Malibu LLC, is an addiction recovery center dedicated to providing affordable treatment to those who need it most. Combining the best in Western medicine with physical and spiritual activities designed to heal the body and mind, Serenity Malibu is well regarded as one of the most effective treatment facilities in gorgeous Malibu, California. Don acts as the CEO of Serenity, and is dedicated to the continued improvement of its provided care

Donald’s second venture, Seasons in Malibu LLC, also aims to help recovering addicts take their first steps towards a better life. Adhering to the belief that one-on-one sessions are more effective than group therapy gatherings alone, Seasons offers unparalleled personalized care. Whereas other treatment facilities only focus on purging harmful substances from its patients’ bodies, the staff at Seasons encourages their patients to dig deep in an effort to identify the underlying causes of their addiction.

Donald acts as the CEO of Seasons in Malibu. He hopes to offer affordable treatment to patients in need for many years to come.

Don Varden is also the Managing Director of the International Bullion Exchange (IBE). Proven to be the most stable method of securing one’s financial future, many individuals see investing in gold and other precious metals as a better long term alternative than more traditional options. Led by Varden, the IBE is comprised of a multitude of industry professionals, all of whom are aptly equipped to advise clients on how best to invest their hard earned funds. The IBE deals with sales, delivery and storage of gold and other precious metals. In addition, they offer prospective clients attractive financing options that allow them to pay only a small initial upfront charge for a substantial amount of bullion.

Finally, Varden is a member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). The ICTA seeks to protect individuals associated with the bullion industry.

Diversified, business savvy and bold, Don Varden is a quintessential example of how one can turn a willingness to help others into a prestigious career.